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On this week’s Women Talk Tech podcast, we talk to Kari Mirabal who is an international networking speaker coach, and innovator who teaches people how to network smarter. Kari has decades of professional networking experience and previously a recruiter in the IT industry. Kari has loads of observations about recruiting in IT and she's witnessed first-hand the struggles women have gone through in a male-dominated industry.

Throughout this episode, Kari offers listeners advice on how to deal with some of the issues women face in the industry such as speaking their truth, having a voice and being aggressive. A simple but powerful piece of advice we took away from speaking to Kari was about language...

Language is a gift

Women need to begin to move away from the word “think” and statements such as “I think this is true” to “believe” and “I believe this is true”. It’s difficult for women to be assertive at times but Kari outlines the importance of holding your ground and being direct. Men tend to network very differently and are more direct. Kari explains why it’s important that every woman works to use more direct language to orchestrate the career they want.

Learn more about Kari and her new book Naked Networking (coming out May 2019). 

About Kari Mirabal

Kari Mirabal is an international networking speaker and coach who helps large corporations, universities, and even small businesses learn how to “Network SMARTER.”She is a public speaker who generally speaks about networking on the market. Kari has been engaged by some of the largest companies in the world to help inspire and empower individuals to reach their personal and professional goals. Kari has decades of professional networking experience and loves to share her successes and failures to give audiences a new perspective on taking risks, speaking up and thinking positively.

Kari has a TedX Talk on career dating that we encourage listeners to listen to which is about “dating your career the way you date romantically”. Kari speaks about finding what you truly love, exploring new roles by networking and asking good questions. Kari is also releasing a book in 2019, so stay tuned for, “You Already Have The Know”. Her book encourages women to take more risks and go after what they truly want. We encourage you to connect with Kari on Twitter and check out her blog!



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