Marketing Automation saves time for any business, big or small

Marketing automation can help re-focus efforts and reduce the most common challenge of businesses big and small... TIME.  If you’re a small business with under 100 employees or a bigger business with more than 1000 employees, you likely have small marketing teams and you know the grind that comes with it. Nearly 60% of marketers work in teams of less than three people, making time precious and results even more important.

The marketing automation sector is a burgeoning industry that has skyrocketed from a $500M market to 5.5B in 2019 in just four years. Marketing automation is no longer a "nice to have." It has become a "must-have" for companies of all sizes that want to compete. Products and options in the market are growing and it's no longer a process or product for big companies with deep pockets and large marketing teams. It is accessible to any business and chances are your competitors are already on board.

“2019 Small Business Marketing Trends Report” found that only 7% of small business owners said they plan to budget more on marketing automation this year. Small business owners may think that they’re not large enough to implement MA. There is a misconception that it costs too much or they simply just don’t have the time to figure it out. Today however, the value of a marketing automation process and tool provide so much value to a business, they can no longer sit on the side lines and wait.

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Three ways marketing automation can save time for businesses big and small:

  1. Productivity

Think of those simple tasks such as sending different emails for different campaigns or sending personal webinar invitations or even analyzing which of these campaigns and emails are working. You may already have different email structures in place for campaigns or invitations but all of this can be automated and tracked with an marketing automation tool making it much easier to execute and much easier to track results. There’s no need to re-create any of these email flows and everything can finally be in one place! You can even automate social media and blog posts through marketing automation.

  1. Personalization

Personalization has become an important tactic to ensuring your audience "sticks with you." No one wants to receive more email or information digitally than they have to. Marketing automation can help segment lists of people, create custom work flows and manage data associated with a contact record in ways that an ordinary email tool never can. Marketing automation function all you to send the right message to the right prospective client or customer at the appropriate time based on their personal attributes. Marketing automation is able to collect data about interactions on different “touch points” throughout the buyer journey which can help move the sales process. You will also be able to create offers and content that resonate with potential clients and customers and deliver it in critical moments of their decision making journey.

  1. Customer and Client Retention

Sometimes we are so focused on capturing new leads, that we often forget how important it is to retain the people who have already raised their hand to communicate with us. Small Biz Trends found a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profits of between 25% and 95%! Retention is just as important and marketing automation can help with this by nurturing customers post-sale by monitoring behavior and sending personalized messages based on triggers. You can even automate surveys to gain critical feedback because we definitely know customer experience can be a make or break in business now!

Time is money and the time is now. Companies not actively looking to build marketing automation into their marketing toolkit will get left behind. The old adage that smaller businesses just can't afford it is also not true. There are a number of ways to get marketing automation to work in your business regardless of size or marketing maturity.

We developed a free guide for you to get started and figure out if you are ready for marketing automation.Get started with Marketing Automation.

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