Sales: The classic mistake everyone is making

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In this week's podcast episode we talk to David Carter, the Executive Director of the Innovation Factory and an incredible cheerleader for the tech industry. In this episode Dave discusses the science of pipeline and the importance of not relying on “false positive” as a start-up. Just because people tell you they like your idea, doesn’t mean people will buy it.

Listen in as Dave shares the science of the sales pipeline described as:

  • Really understanding where your customers are coming from
  • How to get them through a sales process online
  • Testing to see what you can scale
  • The intersection of marketing and sales and who should do what in the buyer journey

Bonus: Dave shares his thoughts on the recent Lion’s Lair Pitch Competition and what start-ups need to do make their ideas stick

About David Carter

David Carter is the Executive Director of Innovation Factory, a Regional Innovation Centre that is committed to the growth and development of entrepreneurial ventures in the Greater Hamilton Region. Prior to joining Innovation Factory, David was CTO and Co-founder of Awareness Inc. His company raised 20 million in venture capital and worked with brands like New York Times, Major League Baseball, Sony Pictures and McDonalds.

David will tell you his sweet spot is where technology, sales, and marketing intersect. He is quick to warn that technology alone does not ever solve the problem. During the 90s David worked for Microsoft and saw the arrival of graphical computing, smart phones, tablets and the Internet. He left Microsoft in 2001 to begin his first start-up.

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