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3 Mistakes people make when implementing a Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing Automation tools are in abundance these days. At last count, Forrester Research noted over 6,500 technology...

What is GDPR and will it affect my WordPress site?

Last Friday, May 25th 2018, the GDPR European Union law took effect. GDPR is the General Data Protection Legislation with...

Does Sales & Marketing alignment really exist?

I recently received an email from a large software company inviting me to a networking event to discuss the topic of sales...

Do you really know what it takes to convert traffic online?

Too often people think that just because they got a prospect to "click thru" it means the person will take action when they...

Marketing and Innovation: Two core functions of every business

Every business has two core functions- Marketing and Innovation. Can you guess which one people struggle with the most?


Is your online content any good?

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  1. Do you think your marketing team is doing a good job? 76% of CEOs say their marketing...
Dear Sales & Marketing: Start saying things prospects need to hear.

There is power in the written (or spoken) word

The language you use is important when you're drafting content or speaking to...

The Most Important Marketing Tasks for 2018

The 2 most important things every Marketer should have on their "to do" list:

A study recently suggested that of the hottest...

How to knock out your competitors in 2018

As we step back and reflect on 2017, we saw some epics fails in the marketing world. Pepsi took a hit this year and lost 3%...


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