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Marketing CoPilot is honored to be a finalist in the 2017 Content Marketing Awards

Toronto, ON - 15 July 2017 - The Content Marketing Institute just announced Marketing CoPilot won a 2017 Content Marketing...

Welcoming The Common Sense Marketer on Marketing CoPilot Radio

The Common Sense Marketer Podcast on Marketing CoPilot Radio

This is a marketing podcast dedicated to sharing practical,...

Podcast: You Can't Be Everywhere

Marie Wiese joins Charlie Hoehn, Head of Author Marketing at Book in a Box, on this week's episode of the Author Hour...

Marie Wiese accepted into Forbes Agency Council

Marie Wiese, President of Marketing CoPilot and author of You Can’t Be Everywhere, has been accepted into the Forbes Agency...

Our Kids Marketing Academy Lunch and Learn

Understanding Digital Marketing from a Human Perspective

Consumer behaviour has forever changed and the digital world...

Join the Summit on Content Marketing and access 100 speakers worldwide

100 Speakers. Online. Worldwide. May 22 to June 2, 2017.

Join an expected audience of 50,000 of your peers from around the...

Webinar: Understanding Digital Marketing from a Human Perspective

Buyer behavior has forever changed and the digital world continues to be an evolving landscape. Even for experts, digital...

Podcast: How to stay human in a world full of digital

Marie Wiese joins Rakhal Ebeli from NewsModo on this week's episode of the Brand Storytelling podcast.

Available on iTunes.

Podcast: How to write your own success story

Marie Wiese joins podcaster Doug Foley on The Happiness of Pursuit to talk about how to write your own success story.



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