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Marketing CoPilot Earns 2018 Constant Contact Solution Provider All Star Award

Recognized for achievements using online marketing tools to drive success

Why businesses of all sizes need marketing automation

Marketing Automation saves time for any business, big or small

Marketing automation can help re-focus efforts and reduce the...

Women Talk Tech Episode 6: Building a Community

Meet the woman who built the largest online engineering community on Instagram

Available on iTunes.

How keyword rankings have evolved alongside Digital Transformation of the marketing function

Keyword rankings are no longer a primary performance metric of your website

The core concept of digital transformation is...

Celebrating Women in Tech on February 7th in Toronto

On February 7th we had the opportunity to present the first ever Women in Technology Awards in Toronto, Ontario hosted by ...

Women Talk Tech Episode 5: How to Support Women in Tech

Strategies to get more women into the tech sector

Available on iTunes.

Does marketing automation make marketers more accountable?

Digital Transformation of the Marketing Function

So much has been written about marketing in the last few years. Much of it...

Women Talk Tech Episode 4: Getting a seat at the table

Being a Woman in the Executive Boardroom

Available on iTunes.

3 Important considerations BEFORE you buy marketing automation software

People don't plan to fail - they just fail to plan.

This statement could never be truer than when it comes to purchasing...

Women Talk Tech Episode 3: Reinventing the Definition of the Tech Sector

“We need women to think of tech as a place for them”

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