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Do You Have a Marketing Automation Tool for Microsoft Dynamics, But Aren’t Sure if it’s Working?

You’ve installed marketing automation software and now not only isn’t it performing like you imagined, you’re not even sure...

Who Owns Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics: Marketing or Technology?

Confidence in the marketing function by executives is at an all-time low. From finding the right marketing resources for...

How to Choose the Right Marketing Automation Tool for Microsoft Dynamics

Marketing automation has revolutionized marketing by creating tailored customer journeys that can be tracked across multiple...

What to Consider Before Buying Marketing Automation Software for Microsoft Dynamics

People don’t plan to fail—they just fail to plan.

This statement couldn’t be truer than when it comes to purchasing software...

Common Sense Marketer Podcast Episode 17: How to get ahead of your competitors

On this episode of the Common Sense Marketer, we talk with Rob Triggs, the VP of Sales & Marketing for CRM Dynamics, a...

Are you exhausted by digital marketing?

Happy Fall Readers!

I took some time in August to regroup, refuel and rethink our content strategy. We are officially back...

Common Sense Marketer Podcast Episode 16: Customer Expectations of Delivery

The Common Sense Marketer is back!

On this episode of the Common Sense Marketer, we spoke to Brian Neuwirth, the President...

Women Talk Tech Podcast has moved!

Women Talk Tech Podcast has been moved to:


Should sales teams use Marketing Automation in the sales process?

Marketing automation is not just for marketing teams.

It's a misconception that the people who have Marketing Automation...


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