Gender balance in the workforce determined by LinkedIn

Last week, LinkedIn released a Gender Insights Report to understand how gender impacts the candidate journey. This report was based on analyzing “billions of interactions between companies and candidates from job applications to recruiter outreach and hires”. The results showed gender differences that need to be considered when trying to understand gender discrimination. It shows clear gaps that need to be address how companies recruit women. Here are some important findings from the report:

  • According to the gender report, Women are 16% more likely to be hired for a role than men but women also tend to be more selective about the jobs.
  • Women are 16% less likely than men to apply to a job after viewing it.
  • Women are also 26% less likely to ask for a referral than men.
  • The data shows that recruiters tend to open men’s LinkedIn profiles more frequently when they are searching for candidates but after they view a candidates profile, they found women to be just as qualified as men and reach out to both genders at a similar rate.
  • When looking at female and male candidates on LinkedIn, recruiters are only 3% less likely to send her an InMail after viewing her profile.

For organizations, understanding proper gender recruiting methods on LinkedIn is an important factor in developing a strong strategy to increase gender balance. That may mean different things such as changing the language in your job descriptions or promoting your company culture differently but we hope this report leads to a meaningful insight for your company and gender balance in the workforce.

LinkedIn has included in the report five actionable suggestions that companies can undertake right now to address the gender gap and inequities in their businesses.

Read the full report here.

Marketing CoPilot has made it a mission to learn more about women in the workforce, specifically in the technology industry. Read some of our own stories about women in tech here. 


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