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Do you want better marketing results for your business? We have rebooted the Common Sense Marketer to help Microsoft partners and customers answer all the pressing questions they have today about building relationships with the digital-first buyer.  

Welcome to the show, Susan Tatum.

On this week’s episode of the Common Sense Marketer, we are joined by Susan Tatum. Susan is the founder of the Conversion Company, which works to help B2B service firms build out their sales pipeline and create lasting relationships with their prospects. 

The Conversion Company was founded in 2010, after Susan had come to establish the ways in which LinkedIn could be used to grow business. These strategies came from a deep knowledge of complicated B2B marketing and sales processes, as well as an understanding of LinkedIn operations. With the primary goal of helping to connect businesses with their ideal clients and prospects, The Conversion Company was immediately successful, and continues to be as the world of digital marketing changes rapidly. 


LinkedIn: The Bad

In her experience, Susan has seen all kinds of practises on LinkedIn, including the bad and the ugly. So, what are the worst practises that are far too often employed across the platform? 

  1. Using automation for one-to-one connections 
  1. Immediately presenting a sales pitches right after a connection is made 
  1. A lot of posts that lack valuable content or resources 

Susan and The Conversion Company continue to demonstrate the value of LinkedIn as a business development tool, but you have to ensure that how you use the platform is working for your business. 


LinkedIn: The Good

For Susan, a key piece to the puzzle of engaging an audience on LinkedIn is focus. The Conversion Company helps businesses to acquire a laser focus on who their ideal prospects are and how to best align their presence on LinkedIn to engage with that audience. 


“What I preach over and over again is the focus element of it. If you try to be all things to all people you end up being nothing to anybody.” 


Susan points to the fact that the online space is filled with a lot of traffic, a lot of noise, and a lot of spam. While LinkedIn works to combat this, breaking through the noise on the platform is a challenge for businesses trying to make meaningful connections across the platform. Having a clear sense of who you are trying to reach, and how you can best do so is essential to succeeding in the space. 


Thinking Digital-First

Susan has observed that much of the noise and clutter on LinkedIn, has increased drastically over the past 18-months as we have been pushed across the threshold into a digital-first world. To learn more about effectively navigating this brave new world and how to engage the digital-first buyer, read our free e-book. 

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