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Do you want better marketing results for your business? We have rebooted the Common Sense Marketer to help Microsoft partners and customers answer all the pressing questions they have today about building relationships with the digital-first buyer.  

Welcome to the show Chad Gniffke

On this week’s episode of The Common Sense Marketer, we are joined by the CEO of briteCITY, Chad Gniffke. Chad’s primary goal is to provide a friendly way for businesses to receive IT support while reducing the total number of technology problems plagued by information workers today.  


While Chad began his work experience after college with an IT job, he later moved to working in the digital marketing space. While working in digital marketing Chad acquired an invaluable level of experience and insight into online messaging which he later translated to his work with MSPs at briteCITY. Building briteCITY over the past 7 years with his business partner, Scott Senerchia, has been Chad’s greatest achievement. 

It’s hard to talk about yourself online 

For Chad, and many others like him, one challenge he’s had to overcome is communicating in writing the value of one’s business. Chad had come to realize that he was not talking about himself properly online, for the people he wanted to work with.  


“When you’re so close to your business, it's difficult to know how to talk about your business. You’re sitting in the same room with the people who see the same things that you do [...] it becomes difficult to empathize and identify with the problem that the potential or current client has.” 


These past 18 months have taught many people that it is difficult to replicate the level of trust built from a face-to-face interaction, online. Learning how to talk about yourself online is essential to creating client trust in the digital-first world. 

The Kitchen Model 

A key pillar to building trust with their clients is briteCITY’s Kitchen Model. theKITCHEN is briteCITY’s secret ingredient to getting it right every single time. As Chad explains:  


“The kitchen’s job is to write recipes. If you follow a recipe, you get the same outcome every single time. That chocolate chip cookie that your grandmother made in the 1950s, you can recreate today because you follow a recipe. We write technical recipes [...] so that when there are major changes in the organization, we’re able to hit it out of the park every single time, because we’ve iterated on this recipe over the past few years.” 


In addition to making major and sometimes painful business changes more manageable for their clients through the Kitchen Model, briteCITY also focuses on the optimization of their recipes in order to create continuous improvement.  


“What got you here, won’t get you there.” 

Chad’s theme for this year can be summed up in his phrase: “what got you here, won’t get you there”. Chad’s biggest piece of advice for businesses navigating the world of digital marketing is to understand that everything that might have been done up until this point is not what will need to happen in order to transition to the next phase in the business process.  


For Chad, a key piece to this transition is the shift away from the misunderstanding that marketing is a short-term project or a silver bullet to solve all lead generation and sales flow problems.  


“It's not a 3-month project, it's not a 6-month project. It’s the same thing as service, we’re doing service every single day. Making that transition mentally, emotionally, financially, and from a planning perspective, is where successful and mature MSPs [...] have to go.”

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