The Common Sense Marketer Podcast is back! 

Do you want better marketing results for your business? We have rebooted the Common Sense Marketer to help Microsoft partners and customers answer all the pressing questions they have today about building relationships with the digital-first buyer. 

Welcome to the show Anya Ciecierski. 

Anya has worked in sales and marketing in the Microsoft dynamics channel since 1999. In 2009 she co-founded ERP Software Blog and CRM Software Blog, now the most prominent group blogs in the space.   

Anya uses “the power of the group" as the most important pillar in building a marketing program. She wants to benefit the community as a whole, has helped her become a reliable source people trust.   

"I think more and more marketing now is about building up trust. You need to be what you say on your website. It is easy for anyone to put up a fancy-looking website. But building value with your content and continuous engagement is the key to driving results today."  

Anya gained a large following and collaboration between 150 dynamics partners across the world. Anya educates more than 90,000 readers each month.   

Develop a culture of testing 

Through her work over the years, Anya sheds light on the culture of testing. Many companies run campaigns that fail to achieve their objectives. For Anya, coming back to the idea and trying it in a different way may be the golden ticket to marketing in this day in age.  

"You need to have an engine that's in the background running all the time, to get people to know who you are, to put that trust in you. I firmly believe that it is based on good content." 

The BBC is Back! 

Currently, Anya is working on the Business Builder Conference (BBC) Event, a half-day virtual event that aims to “bring together marketers in our ERP/CRM channel for relevant training and peer connections.” To learn more about The BBC Event and engage with Anya’s continued work in the Microsoft Dynamics channel follow her on one of the links below. 


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