On this episode of the Common Sense Marketer, we talk with Jenna Knoblauch who is the Vice President of Marketing at Dynamic Communities. Dynamic Communities creates technology-centric communities to exchange ideas on how to best maximize industry knowledge through education, enriched networking, and conferences. Jenna leads the team responsible for the strategy and execution of value-added membership programs for the Microsoft Business Applications Platform community.

In this podcast we address:

  1. The importance of requirements
  2. Building the right implementation team
  3. Checkpoints for success

We asked Jenna why she thinks a marketing automation tool is such an important part of a modern marketing program and we asked her what's changed that makes this a necessity.

"The importance of marketing automation is to get to know your customers well enough that you can deliver a tailored personal experience but you don’t have to employ a staff of 1000 people to be able to deliver that. Automation allows you to store information about how people are using your site, how they’re using the pages, how they’re interacting with their content and store information on their role, their products, information that they’re evaluating and be able to deliver content in a way that is hyper focused and personalized to them without having someone sitting behind doing all the manual work."

The key thing that has changed in marketing is the access of information that people now have. There is no need to go to a storefront and do the research with a sales person on evaluating a product or service. Customers can do this online and they don't want to deal with irrelevant information. What they expect is a hyper targeted tailored approach to sales.

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Jenna Knoblauch is the Vice President of Marketing at Dynamic Communities. She leads the team responsible for growing Microsoft Business Applications user group communities globally and educating members about value-added training and educational opportunities relevant to success in their respective job roles and organizations.

Jenna has been working in the marketing industry for 13 years and has experience with B2B and B2C marketing strategy and execution. Data-driven marketing and continued evolvement of marketing technologies and channels continue to fuel her love of learning and drives her passion for marketing. In her spare time, Jenna enjoys spending time at the lake with her husband and two children, picking up a good book, traveling, and cooking. You can follow Jenna on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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