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On this episode of the Common Sense Marketer, we spoke to Brian Neuwirth, the President of UNEX, an industrial equipment manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing conveyors. Brian's grandfather founded UNEX in the 1960s, making Brian a third generation CEO of UNEX.

In this podcast, Brian talks three important issues facing all business today:

  1. The digital transformation of business due to drastic changes in technology.
  2. How the buyer journey has changed the expectations all customers in both B2B and B2C businesses.
  3. The challenges caused by buyer behavior patterns and how organizations have adapted (or not).

Of the many interesting things we took away from this interview, was Brian’s comments about the “Amazon Effect”. The biggest changes happening in the manufacturing sector is the new expectation of delivery times. Amazon has changed buying behaviors drastically which has an impact on the entire supply chain. Customers now expect products to instantly get delivered to them where and when they want but on the manufacturing side, the product still needs to be made when inventory doesn't exist. Change in consumer expectations have pushed companies into a state of continuous transformation. Darwin's survival of the fittest, is now upon the manufacturing sector in the most dramatic of ways.

On this podcast and our blog, we often talk about the importance of your online presence. If you don't have one, you run the risk of not being around in 5 years, but if you are like 90% of successful companies worldwide, you are actively managing your online presence. The most important thing to remember online is that customer expectations and buyer behavior are continually changing and it is how you manage these changes that will keep your company above water in the coming years.

Here are some questions Brian encourages you to ask about your own strategy:

  • Do you have documented buyer personas?
  • Do you have an active testing protocol for your digital strategy?
  • Are you making your web presence a priority?
  • Are your marketing and sales teams aligned on this priority?
  • Do you have the right tools in place to manage this strategy?

If the answer to any of these questions are a no, there is a good chance the "Amazon effect" will slowly creep up on you. It's time to address the digital strategy within your company.

Contact us at to discuss how a Competitive Analysis can create custom recommendations and strategies to help your business combat the "Amazon effect". 


Brian C. Neuwirth is President of UNEX Manufacturing, Inc., a leading provider of material handling and carton flow solutions for distribution centers and warehouses. Previously, Brian was VP of Sales and Marketing at UNEX and held several other positions in the family-owned business. He graduated from Susquehanna University with a BA in Corporate Communications. He received a Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing from Rutgers University. Brian is a member of MHEDA. UNEX is a Marketing CoPilot client and HubSpot and Dynamics 365 CRM user, committed to the digital transformation of their sales and marketing function.



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